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The right window shades not only provide a great design addition to your room, they create a break from the bright north Dallas sun and even provide protection. We all understand the damaging effects the sun's UV rays can have on our skin and we put an emphasis on protection. Now, apply that same thinking to your furniture, carpets, rugs and even artwork. How do you protect them from the fading and wear that comes from direct exposure to the sun>? Window shades are a great solution! Not only can they provide protection from the sun, the cooling effects of the shade can also make your home more energy efficient.

Even on overcast or cloudy days the effects on your home's interior can be damaging. Without quality coverings, like window shades, you run the risk of serious fading deterioration of your hardwood floors, wood furniture and even the paint on the walls.

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Rooms that receive a high amount of direct sunlight may require a treatment such as blackout window shades. These dark fabric shades provide more protection from the sun, more efficiently regulate the temperature in your room and may even allow you to enjoy complete darkness in some rooms.

Are you looking for even more efficiency, perhaps you should consider honeycomb cellular window shades. The unique design offers an added layer of insulation while also providing effective light control. Our window shade professionals can help you choose from the many design options on the market today. We know our stuff!

Window shades come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are particularly efficient in blocking out light and minimizing heat or cold depending on the texture and thickness.  Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation.

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