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Sunshine Shutters is a leader in innovative window treatments for the home. One of our most popular options is Flower Mound electric window shades. These coverings are simple, energy efficient and low maintenance. They also provide exceptional light control. With so many options available - light filtering, blackout, view-through - it’s easy to find the perfect fit for each room in the home.

To find out how much Flower Mound motorized shades will cost for your home, schedule a free consultation with Sunshine Shutters.

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Why Remote Control Blinds in Flower Mound TX are a Great Choice

Window treatments are an investment, so you want to choose wisely. Fortunately, there are many unique benefits to choosing electric window shades in Flower Mound TX. Here are some features our customers love - and you will too!

  • Motorized shades in Flower Mound TX provide exceptional light control. Choose blackout shades for your bedrooms and view-through shades for your kitchen. Or, open and close your Flower Mound remote control blinds to adjust the light coming in.
  • If your home is moving in the direction of being smart, you’ll love what Flower Mound electric window shades have to offer. You can program them to open and close at various times, conserving energy and protecting your privacy.
  • Protect your home and decor from UV damage. Flower Mound remote control blinds block UV rays that could fade your furniture, hardwood flooring and artwork.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that your motorized shades in Flower Mound TX are safe for kids. They don’t have cords that young children can get tangled in.

Sunshine Shutters for Electric Window Shades in Flower Mound TX

Sunshine Shutters has been installing remote control blinds in Flower Mound TX for over 25 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers who continue to choose us to furnish their windows. All Flower Mound motorized shades include our limited lifetime warranty. To schedule your free, no obligation estimate on Flower Mound electric window shades, contact Sunshine Shutters today!