In the Fort Worth window covering industry, there is a term used to denote blinds that are sold in large hardware stores – they are called cut-downs. Cut-downs are bought by the boatload as blanks and are kept in stock. The purchaser of these blanks are required to measure their own windows so that the blanks can be cut to the desired width. These cut blanks will then be ready for self-installation, which will then necessitate an additional cut to achieve the desired length.

Professional speaking, I have yet to see a quality product available from cut-downs purchased at the large chain stores. However, a few on-line blind companies do exist, which are now selling cut-downs that are of excellent quality. The downside, again, is that these cut-downs, quality or not, still require the home purchaser to meticulously measure, cut and install the cut-downs themselves. Should the measurement be off, or should they become damaged in any way during the installation, the purchaser is 100% responsible. Understandably, what cost savings that might have been realized from do-it-yourself, can evaporate quickly with even the slightest miscue.

Surprisingly enough, more often than not it is actually less expensive to hire a professional Fort Worth window covering consultant to manage the entire job. Not only does the professional offer an exceedingly wider selection of blinds, colors, and textures, they offer years of experience as to what product is best for the window being covered. They will ask questions the home buyer will never think to ask and advise the most appropriate materials. They’ll help the homeowner weigh such variables as the nature and use of room, the quality of light, direction of sunset/exposure, energy savings, and mood or feel desired. Not only will their knowledge and expertise prove to be invaluable, they take on the responsibility of measuring, cutting and installation. Not only will a professional window covering consultant save the homeowner both time and money, they insure the job is done right – the first time.

Hybrid shutters are an evolutionary trend in shutters in Fort Worth. They combine the amazing style of wood with the strength, stability and straightness of advanced modern day materials. Hybrid Shutters provide the modern elegance of quality shutters at an economical price point.

The WoodLore from Norman Shutters is, I believe, the finest shutter in the world. WoodLore is a Hybrid shutter because it is an engineered wood that is then covered in polypropylene. Polypropylene is the coating found inside dishwashers and refrigerators. There are several excellent Hybrid shutters on the market today, as well as several solid Celuka materials available. Your consultant will be able to help determine which is best for your project.

Many styles of shutters are now made from polymer. The polymers are made abroad by GE and shipped here to America. The shutters are then made to order. This process does increase the cost, but it also cuts delivery time in half. Poly wood shutters do have some limitations such as colors and sizes. One of the most significant limitations to Faux Wood/PolyCore shutters is door width. Where wider doors exist, real wood or reinforced composite, which are lighter in weight, are a good option.

Another alternative to wider doors is a poly wood material with aluminum reinforcements. Poly Core. They also offer a good price point, they are a fantastic insulator, and are easy to clean. I have these shutters in my own home, and I was pleasantly surprised by how cool my home remains on hot days.

So, if you’re looking for a Fort Worth shutter with a fantastic stain or a well built composite shutter, there are several excellent choices with Hybrid shutters.

Window Blinds & Shutters have changed dramatically over the last ten years. A shutter that was purchased a decade ago is nowhere near the quality of today’s shutters. Today’s shutters also provide a wider array of choices in color, materials and options. Not only are the finishes of today far superior, the workmanship is nothing short of extraordinary.

Of the number of advantages faux wood shutters offer, cost is the primary benefit – the price tag is generally 25% less than real wood shutters. For most people, Faux wood plantation shutters look identical to real wood. When price and budget are your determining factor, however, faux wood is a sensible alternative. In addition, faux wood plantation shutters require less maintenance than wood. Many plastic and vinyl materials can last many years without showing wear.